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The true test of mettle and perseverance between a group of friends destined to kill each-other super hard. Our schedules will be varying to an insane degree. May the salt mines be ever overflowing.

For more information on the group itself, head over to our Challonge Team Page:


Név Game Típus Résztvevők Létrehozva Folyamatban
Jobber-Strike 1 Street Fighter III: Third Strike DE 0 08-01-16
Jobber-Brawl 1 Brawlhalla DE 8 07-25-16


  Team Name Csapattulajdonos Organization Tagok Létrehozva
The Jobbers Ethereal_Enigma The Jobbers 6 07-22-16
Shadaloo/ChameleonAlpha [Temporal Thunder] ChameleonAlpha The Jobbers 2 07-30-16
Byron & Nexx Nexx2none The Jobbers 1 07-29-16